Millions of americans are living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and you are making an impact on their lives through spin4 crohn's & colitis cures. Every participant is helping to create a future free of Crohn's & colitis and providing hope to patients and their families.

Thank you & congratulations to our current 2022 top teams from across the country! 

last update: 12/2/22 at 11:05 a.m. EST

next update: 12/9/22

final update of year for official top teams: 12/28/22 at 5 p.m. EST

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#1 team: glicks for gut health

fundraising total: $26,926

event: washington dc

Read more about team glicks for gut health here


#2 team: leaky junction

fundraising total: $17,144

event: philadelphia

Read more about team leaky junction here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#3 team: team leicher

fundraising total: $12,288

event: boston

Read more about team leicher here

Skye (003)-1#4 team: ride for skye

fundraising total: $11,844

event: new jersey

Read more about team ride for skye here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#5 team: pete's pedalers

fundraising total: $10,729

event: westport, ct

Read more about team pete's pedalers here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#6 team: all about that pace

fundraising total: $9,375

event: nyc

Read more about team all about that pace here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#7 team: medfield cyclepaths

fundraising total: $9,203

event: boston

Read more about team medfield cyclepaths here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#8 team: harris heroes

fundraising total: $8,339

event: san diego

Read more about team harris heroes here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#9 team: team morgan taylor

fundraising total: $8,335

event: nyc

Read more about team morgan taylor here

Spin4_Logo_4C_IconOnly-2#10 team: we give a crap

fundraising total: $7,633

event: nyc

Read more about team we give a crap here

so close they can taste it...

11. dr. j's colitis crew (philadelphia) 

12. twisted spinners (westport, ct)

13. i.b. determined (nyc)

14. can't stop; won't stop (washington dc)

15. philly's phinest phundraisers (philadelphia)

thank you participants, donors, and supporters!

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