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Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

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thank you!

The #power2cure movement is picking up speed, and with the help of our supporters, we have been able to accomplish some incredible things!

2019 impact statement

how you're helping:

With the help of funds raised by spin4 crohn's & colitis cures, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation is accelerating the pace of research and empowering those affected by inflammatory bowel disease. This includes:

  • Investing more than $350 million in IBD research over the past 5 decades.
  • Connecting more than 1.2 million people through our education, support, and advocacy programs last year.
  • Leading the way with millions of dollars invested in research for new, critically important areas of environmental disease triggers such as diet and stress.
  • and so much more! 

shout out to our inner circle: 

We'd like to give a special shout out to our inner circle (VIP) teams, especially those who placed in the top 10 nationally. Check them out



make an impact 

We're hard at work confirming locations and dates for 2020! 

To receive updates on registration and new events fill out our form. Our staff will be in contact with next steps!